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Country Road Cycles
Another Amish food stand, not the one i went to though.
Amish food stand where i bit-off more than i could chew. Notice the bottle of pickles in the center of the scooter!
Since i had a blast with my first “Lancaster on 2 wheels” during the spring, I’ve decided to do a second post this time really traveling a little more out to the back roads of Lancaster county. This post has a cute story that i will go into towards the end of the post. So i drove over to Country Road Cycles on Ronks road in Bird in Hand,Pa to rent another scooter. I’m not receiving anything for saying this but these folks are super nice and courteous and will answer any questions that you might have to make your scooter experience the best possible. When someone is nice to me that goes a very long way even if the price is slightly higher, which in this case wouldn’t really be true because Country Road cycles is on par with others who rent scooters price wise. Now if your looking for something say a little faster they do have a faster scooter that you can rent along with an even faster motorcycle (licenses do apply for anything over 49cc). Now for my cute little story, after getting my map for my scooter route i decided to drive over to one of Lancaster’s covered bridges. Before the covered bridge there is a Amish food stand sitting smartly about 100  feet from the bridge itself, so i decided to make a pit stop for a cold glass of homemade root beer and who knows what else!. As you can see in my pictures these folks make a lot of stuff, so to make my choice’s a little easier i wanted to buy a pie and some bottled items. Well i was eying my poison until i thought to myself “where the heck am i going to put everything”, I’m riding on a scooter!. I must have said that loud enough for those little Amish children behind the food stand counter to hear me. And then i heard back ” you can fit all your things in there”, so i had to peek over the counter to see these 3 small Amish children smiling and telling me that i could buy more stuff. Talk about the future of the Amish business, with these 3 kids the future looks extremely bright indeed. After hearing and feeling positive vibes from these young Amish geniuses i walked over to the scooter and started gently pulling and pushing and turning anything that looked like i could pop the seat. Even their dad got into the picture with trying to help me figure out how to get more stuff on this scooter other than a bottle of pickles,lol. All i had that i knew was a cup holder built into the handle bars, with i was now  using for that  jar of pickles. Well after myself and the Amish gentleman spent a little time trying to figure out how to pop the seat, i gave-up and proclaimed myself lucky to be at least leaving with those pickles. Part 2 of this post will be next Friday along with an Amish recipe.. To rent a scooter please visit the really nice folks at :

Country Road Cycles.  220 N. Ronks Road
Bird in Hand, PA 17505
 If you tell them you heard about them from Amish Stories I’m told you will get a $5.00 discount from your rental.

(717) 598-3191

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