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Moses the Amish hat maker also comes to mind as one place where i felt welcomed and my experience there was a very positive one, so look for that post sometime in the future from me. Johns business is a family affair with him and his brother running the business that they originally bought from his cousin, so there has been a Lapp’s wood working for sometime now.

 And of course his mom helps out and folks she does not have to go far as she lives in a farm house right behind the woodshop. I’ve told John that i would help him with designing his web site maybe a little better to reflect his retail business and to include prices and shipping cost. 


So with the month of November being upon us some of you might be thinking about Christmas gift buying,  so please stop by Johns web site and give his Amish made wood products a look. From what I’ve seen i think his workmanship is very good and his prices are fair, so here again is that link to his web site.Just click on to Richard from Amish Stories 

Johns cousins buggy (former Lapp’s wood shop owner)

Wood for craft building
Outside view of Lapps factory. Screen is to air out building for wood staining, and to help thing s dry

Johns dog and best Friend. I’ve been told that he’s always the first one in, and the last to leave. Unless there’s a tasty snack waiting for him at home!

Typical Amish  compressed air fittings for wood working tools
A cool machine to do some pattern drilling
No a.c, but they do have a fan!
Finished products drying out after being stained

I really like these tractors
More drying as product await selling

Some larger items await finishing


A side view of Lapp’s with its nice flowers adding color

 A shot that i was barely able to make as i was leaving Johns wood shop, I’m glad that i captured it!

Snitz for Moon Pies

Cook dried apples until soft. Put through a ricer and add cinnamon and mix. Makes 3¼ qt. prepared snitz. 1 gal dried apples

5 c. sugar

1 Tbsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. salt

This excellent collection of authentic Amish recipes will be a treasured addition to any cookbook collection. Includes Amish home remedies. 217 pages, 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, comb bound, illustrated.

 to order The Amish Way Cookbook please see our freinds at
Richard from Amish Stories

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