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Jean is old order Mennonite from New York State.Jean and her husband David and family live on a dairy farm, and travel their community using horse and buggy. She tells her story exclusively on Amish Stories.

Recently a family purchased a farm near ours. They wanted to build barns with cages in them to raise dogs and  puppies. They were approved by the town to raise up to 500 dogs on their farm. This did not sit well with many of us neighbors. We have nothing against raising dogs. In fact we thought of this ourselves. But if we did, we would get one male dog, one female dog. They would only have puppies every other time the female went into heat. We would not raise several breeds or having female dogs breed with every heat. When someone wants to raise 500 dogs-how could one family take care of that many dogs all getting the care that they should.

In many areas Amish and Mennonites have gotten bad reputations for doing just that. Not to long ago there was a farm that raised over 100 dogs that got sick. Instead of having the vet put the dogs to sleep-did it himself. What he did was to not go along with state law. The police came to his farm and he had to go to court. Animal protesters came to his farm, the press came to his farm and more. If I remember correctly, he got fined and lost his license to raise dogs.

Unfortunately in our area there are several puppy mills. As with our children, our farms, our homes, our crops-our animals are gifts from God to us. It is our place to feed animals, care for our animals, be thankful for their puppies, colts, calves, etc. Even when we slaughter an animal for their meat such as bulls, pigs, chicken, etc. we should do this in a Humane way. We should not waste our meat -take more than we can use or sell. We do not feel that puppy mills are caring for the animals.

Many of the people of our town appeared at the next town meeting. The town officers knew that many of us were coming so they held in the school as they wouldn’t have enough room for all they thought might come-and we did. People that came were Amish, Old Order Mennonite and Englishes. A few were in favor, but most of us were against it. Not only did we not want the farm near ours, we did feel that a puppy mill is not a humane way to raise dogs, cats or any other animal. The town decided to withdraw their approval-so they can not raise the dogs on their farm. In fact, the town is considering making it a law that no one with a puppy farm will be approved in our town.

We feel we had won this time,but i wish more towns would consider not allowing puppy mills. David and I believe in puppies-even raising them-but not in this way or manner. We would not want to abuse the gift of animals that God has given to us-put in our hands.

Be With God,


Potatoes Romanoff
6 cups diced, cooked potatoes

2 tsp salt

2 cups creamed cottage cheese

1 cup sour cream

Paprika to taste

1 clove garlic

1/4 cup shredded American cheese

1/2 cup onion

Combine all ingredients except cheese and paprika and mix well. Place reserved American cheese on top and sprinkle with paprika. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Enjoy. Jean

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