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The patches family creamery is a local dairy farm located in Lebanon county. I have been there a few times to buy milk and eggs. Even though it was on the cold side when i was last there, i still bought an ice cream cone just to try it out, ill do anything for this site folks. Along with making their own ice cream with the milk coming from their farm, you can buy eggs, butter, and even choc milk. from the brochure that I have it says they don’t use any hormones or antibiotics on their dairy cows, and who doesn’t like that. I hope to talk with a family member at some point to get more information on the history of the farm, and I hope im able to post images of some of the dairys operation and milk processing areas. I have a question for you, do you think its important to buy from a business that’s locally and family owned, or would you rather buy your food products from your local chain market?.Richard

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