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 B&B’s is a very interesting Amish owned and operated store, they own a few store’s in and around Lancaster county  with this one located in My very own county of Lebanon. On this day after passing this store by a few times i had decided to finally stop in to see what I’ve heard about so much for my own eyes, and I’m glad i brought my camera. First when you pull into the parking lot you will discover almost right way that this store is different than most you have gone to, with the gas lights outside giving away its Amish owned  heritage. And another tip off is the fact that the doors to get inside and out are not automatic, so you have to manually open the door yourself.

 When inside you definitely realize the difference with its all Amish help running the registers and stocking shelves, and the prices for most of the items i was able to give a look were somewhat lower than you would find in a lot of the food markets out there. I was able to buy a large bottle or orange juice for 99 cents, and smaller bottles going for 3x 1 dollar which i found to be a good bargain. If you would like cold food items like ring baloney and other meats and cheeses they have that as well, and they also have a freezer which they will gladly provide you with a coat if you don’t have one because its so cold inside.
                                                                                                                                                              And as far as the caned goods are concerned i didn’t really see much of a difference in appearance compared to non damaged or so called dented items, so the savings to me was well worth any minor loss of vanity. Since i had my camera with me and around my shoulder i asked the Amish manager if i could take some pictures and that i was going to post them on my blog, so i was given the OK with him just asking me to try and minimize any face images of the Amish who were working inside. And that is why i don’t have any close-ups of any one’s face in this post.

                                                                                                                                                                So far I’ve been very lucky no to burn any bridges with all of the images that i was able to take so far, and its just the right thing to do and the only way i operate. And after doing this a while now when i get in and get permission to take pictures i do it quickly and scan the area before i ask so i can do it as fast as i can and leave without disrupting the area. And now this store has another customer because i will be visiting from time to time instead of just driving past it. Richard 

The main entrance
Simple but clean
Gas lamps above and the natural light coming though the sky lights

Lots of ring

baloney and other meats

refrigerated area
Check-out area
The young Amish man in this picture is the manager
Amish scooter outside, most likely owned by one of the Amish workers inside
An outside gas lamp, i thought this looked so cool

As you can see this place and places like this are proving very popular, especially in this still shaky economy!

And a country view across the street from B&B’s

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