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Buggy rides for the guest


I could smell this a mile away
A very dangerous place to be when one is so hungry
Surprisingly not many folks here at this time of day, and i believe the heat contributed to the low daytime turn-out. But I’m sure the evening was a very different story.

Don’t blame him for grabbing a nice cold ice cream in this heat.

What was the start of the outhouse race
Now a real race would be to use a real outhouse, with someone really inside,lol
Lancaster’s country side from a top a hill, no question why a lot of folks want to live here
Terre Hills volunteer fire dept was here to show their community support.
Another view from the hill
And they keep their fire equipment as clean as whistle
Another view of below
I told you they really had a outhouse race!
A young old order Mennonite couple going for a ride through town
And a patriotic end of the Terre hill Days.

The town of Terre Hill was incorporated in 1907 and was at one time the cigar capital in Lancaster county. I’ve read some articles about this small town not having any traffic lights, and from my many visits including this resent one that would hold true. How many towns in America can still claim that?. Terre hill is safely tucked away from Lancaster’s tourist area to the south, so you wont find any signs advertising buggy rides or shoo-fly-pie and i think the locals prefer it that way. This small town does have a restaurant which I’ve yet to visit along with only one mini mart with a few gas pumps . Its become one of my favorite locations in Lancaster to take pictures for Amish Stories along with a post i had done on a old order Mennonite dairy Farmer named Lester. This small town also has a good size Amish and old order Mennonite population spread through out this area with many living side by side of each other, with a one room school house within the towns limit. If your looking for a peaceful and relaxing place to walk around and enjoy the un-spoiled beauty of Lancaster’s Amish/Mennonite community then this would be one place id visit. There’s even a great park in town with swings for the kids, with a baseball field so you might even take in a baseball game from the Amish and Mennonites who frequent the park. So pack a lunch and head over to the town of Terre Hill for a park lunch, only please leave this special town as you first found it, un-spoiled clean and very beautiful. Richard from Amish Stories. Recipe of the week on Sunday, and a new post on Monday from a little  something named “Winter.” Yes thats right i said Winter….

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A 1959 ford Fairlane skyliner.

For a little contrast, a 2011 ford Fiesta.

For even more contrast, my Ford mustang and an Amish buggy.

This Ford Antique car show was on a Sunday in Bird in Hand, Lancaster county. From my understanding there were about 100 cars here, featuring cars from the ford model A to a 1959 Fairlane skyliner that is shown in this post. I arrived on the late side to this event, but was still able to see a good amount of cars. Getting back to the ford fairlane, in speaking to one of its owners, she told me this particular car was involved in the floods of 1972 that had hit this area at the time. hurricane Agnes didn’t help things either, so its safe to say this car was pretty much a rusted basket case. And after looking at the before and after pictures of the fairlane that description would prove very true. So with this car the owners had to have a lot of vision, and some hard cash here and there to get this car looking like it does in its present state. Below is a sort of contrast in the fords of yesterday and today with the 2011 Fiesta, and just for kicks a picture of my Mustang and an Amish buggy. I don’t think examples of contrast become more apparent than this. Richard from Amish Stories.

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