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A better pictures of the Dutch-way market, it was taken in the late afternoon this past sat(feb 12). the Good store where alot of Amish folks shop in was about to close, they close early on sat for church on sundays. There are 2 store’s with this one located in Lebanon county, and the other in Lancaster.The Dutch-way has to be one of my favorite places to eat here in Lebanon. the Dutch-way has 3 locations including myerstown and in Gap in Lancaster county.the Myerstown location has a bigger restaurant along with a buffet, ive never been to the Lancaster county location just yet.I will be doing some restaurant reviews soon, and ill be looking for restaurants that offer quality along with value for the dollar.You dont have to spend alot to get good food in Amish country folks,so look for that soon in this blog………Coming this week i will be posting images of the small town of Reistville, considered the center point of the Amish community in Lebanon county. I will also be posting some images of my visit this past weekend of Lancaster county, along with some pictures and a short story of a Amish owned coach shop in Intercourse,pa. So look for them to be posted this week. Richard

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