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I thought id post this contest on Amish Stories because a lot of people have been talking about whoopie pies lately, and yours truly would be guilty of that,lol. So as the article from the Mennonite historical society says, if you find any proof that whoopie pies originated from Pennsylvania then send your evidence to the address below and win some prizes

Big Whoopie Research Contest
To settle an interstate feud over food, the Society will award two dozen home-made whoopie pies and a gift certificate for The Good Cooking Store (Intercourse, Pa.) to the researcher—young or old—who produces the most convincing evidence that the whoopie pie should be Pennsylvania’s state treat. Entries must by submitted by May 9 to The Whoopie Monster, Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Road, Lancaster PA 17602, or e-mailed to (image from djtwo of flickr)

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