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I’ve always loved going to eat at classic diners, and since moving to Pennsylvania I’m finding no shortage in being able to find one of these pieces of history wrapped in American stainless steel. This being my first diner review, I decided to visit Marabelles diner located in the town of Lebanon in Pennsylvania. Before Marabelles the diner was called Pushniks diner. this stainless steel diner was manufactured in 1960 by the Fodero diner company. This company was based in new jersey, and was in business from 1933-1981, the company was started by Italian immigrant Joseph Federo. Since I eat at this diner on a semi regular basis, I found it fairly easy to give my opinion and write a little something about the quality of its food. Now time for my diner review. The diner is located on the outside edge of the city of Lebanon right off of route 422. Parking is no problem as the parking lot is of a good size, and you will also notice that the diner is connected to a building that if I’m correct was built in 1972, and is used for their catering business. When you walk in the door everything looks right for a diner of this age with lots of stainless steel abound, and its clean and well lighted inside. After I was seated I was then greeted by a friendly waitress who took my order, I then used the rest room to wash-up. Now to some people maybe a bathroom does not even fit into the diner review equation, but to me it does. After all the employees use it, and if there is no soap or a way of drying your hands, I have a problem with that and the diner fails just for that reason alone. I’m happy to report everything was in order and Marabelles bathroom at least on that day seemed spotless, so things are looking positive so far. By the time I got back to my table my coffee and ice tea had arrived, by some people a diner is judged by the quality of its coffee. Sadly on this day Marabelles coffee was weak, something that surprised me because the coffee here has been better. Just as I put my coffee cup down the waitress had brought my order of meatloaf with mashed potatoes and broccoli. I had to ask for dinner rolls which should have come with my meal, but she gladly brought them after asking.The meatloaf was very good with 3 nice size pieces given. The potatoes were a little lumpy so I mean that in a good way because there real, not from a box. the vegetable was good and not over cooked, and everything arrived fairly hot. This restaurant offers a reasonably priced salad bar available with any meal, and you can go back as much as you would want to. So the question is, would I recommend going to Marabelles the answer is yes because I consider it the best all around diner in the town of Lebanon. Is this diner the best in the area to me that answer would be no, and ill leave that for the next time that I review a diner in the future.The next time id like to review a restaurant in Lancaster that serves Pennsylvania dutch type food, and i know a few very good ones. So check out Marabelles if your ever in the Lancaster/ Lebanon pa area, and maybe bring your own coffee to be on the safe side. Richard from Amish stories. Pictures by Amish stories. Marabelles diner 1352 Cumberland Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
(717) 277-5531

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