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This Amish coach shop is located right off of route 340 in Bird in Hand in Lancaster county. It is one of the many shops that make or repair Amish/Mennonite buggies. While I was there, I had asked if I could take pictures of some of the finished buggies in their shop. At first I was given the ok, until I was politely told no. I thanked them anyway, and asked if I could at least take pictures of the outside, and was told “no problem “. To be fair to that Amish shop, there was a lot of Amish men working inside the shop at the time so I think that was one of the big reasons. My attitude is to always be courteous when asking to take pictures, so I don’t try to push. And one benefit is maybe down the road, that same shop under different circumstances will let me get those pictures.Some of the buggies that are outside were repaired or modified in some way, and are waiting for the owner to pick them up. Some of the Amish could get fiberglass wheels, or maybe have their brake system beefed -up a little. There’s not a lot really that you can do to these buggies because of the simple nature of the buggy itself, but the changes are enough to keep Amish businesses like this one thriving and growing. I plan on visiting another coach shop to get prices on the different buggies that are made, and also info on what kind of options that you could order for your buggy. Richard from Amish Stories.

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