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I thought id write a lighter topic today, i am working on something with more importance, did i just say that, im talking about chocolate over here. I thought this one would be alittle fun to talk about. while reading the local Sunday paper today, i noticed a job that i think i was made for, and that is being a taste tester for Hershey foods right near me in hershey,pa.Now im not kidding folks they

really are looking for a part- time taste tester, so before anyone decides to apply for it don’t bother. I made sure that my resume was in the mail before this topic went online, i would taste test choc all day for free . The company is looking for someone to sign-up for a 2 year minimum commitment, have excellent tasting skills, and computer competency. Well im not sure im really competent, but i know i “love me some chocolate” and that’s all i need to get that job done. I can swear that if i squint my eyes just alittle while looking at my computer monitor when off, i can see a large square choc bar, now that committed folks. So would you take a job like this, even willing to do it for free?. picture provide by Wuperrupers photo stream taken from flicker. Richard

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Lake County Sheriff Jay Doyle said a search is under way for Naomi Ruth Engbretson, a member of the Amish community in the Mission Valley area. It began on Monday morning when she was first reported missing.

She was described as 30 years old, Caucasian, 5 foot 6 inches tall and 113 pounds with shoulder-length red hair. According to a Lake County Sheriff’s Office press release, Engbretson was last seen at 7 p.m. Sunday wearing a dark-colored dress, gray sweat pants, a dark blue or black coat and a scarf.

Doyle told the Lake County Leader that she apparently went for a walk. She left a note saying she was fine but not to look for her.

He said no one had any indication that she intended to harm herself although she may have been suffering from depression. He said canines and helicopters with thermal imaging were used in the search of land as well as canals and waterways.

Orchestrated from a command center at the Mission Airport, the search focused on a 4-mile radius around Engbretson’s residence on Allison Road in St. Ignatius. All structures in the area were checked.

About 60 people are participating in the effort that includes using dog teams and horses along with the canines and aircraft.

In addition to the sheriff’s department, search manpower includes Lake County Search and Rescue members, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Law and Order officers, tribal fish and game and tribal fire officers, ALERT and members of the Amish community.

Flathead County Sheriff’s dispatch was alerted about the missing woman at 11:27 a.m. Monday. Deputies assisted by checking with officials at the train depot after receiving information that she may have gone to Iowa.

No tickets were found purchased by Engbretson and no one fitting her description was seen at the depot.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 406-883-7301. The news source for this story and all content came from the montana news site. ………………….. update from orig story……The Amish woman from St. Ignatius is now back at home with her family after being missing since Sunday night. When Naomi Engbretson, 30, disappeared she left a note saying “Please, please don’t look for me”.

Lake County Sheriff Jay Doyle says a St. Ignatius resident spotted her walking on Airport Road a little after 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning. The person recognized her and offered to give her a ride, but she refused. But shortly after that, she was reunited with her family.

Police then took her to St. Luke Hospital in Polson where officials reported that she’s in “good health”.

Engbretson told her family she had been hiding in a building near her home and at one point she could hear searchers, but kept hiding claiming that she “didn’t want to be found”.

Doyle told us in an interview that he is unsure if the building was a barn, shed, or home, but added that the owners are out-of-state during the winter months.

Doyle thanked the more than 100 volunteers who helped with the search and pointed out that the sheriff’s office has only a limited number of people to help in searches and that the more help the community offers, the better.

“In the winter time when we have missing persons, it’s very important to get as many people involved in the search as possible. We did have a favorable outcome and Miss Engbretson is safe with her family,” Doyle said.

Eh added that Engbretson hasn’t been saying much but did tell her family that she was drinking water, but did not eat during the time that she was missing.

Doyle told us that Engbretson didn’t commit any criminal acts while she was missing and that the owners of the structure where she was staying are not going to press charges in the case. Updated story from

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Last night in Lebanon county as the snow flakes were falling and the snow was starting to stick on the ground, i couldn’t help but admire the beauty of fresh falling snow. it looked like fresh pop corn floating down doing some sort of elaborate dance with each other, only to fall down into a sea of awaiting snow. It seems even snow has its own version of a social network like face book or my space. after all that admiring and peeking out the window, i went to sleep not thinking of what would be waiting for me in the morning. When i did wake-up, all i remember was a dream that i had about pop corn, yes ill admit it, i love the stuff. so this all sounds pretty good so far, right, until i opened the garage door. what i was seeing pretty much knocked the smile right off my face, it was more snow than ive seen in my driveway since moving up from Florida not very long ago. as i first stepped foot into the garage , the wheels started spinning in my head, how do i get out of shoveling all this. now if you remember, i was saying how beautiful this all looked the night before, maybe i was only looking through my rose colored window tints from my car,lol. So now it was time for me to go into action, i needed a plan and i needed it quick. one thing i thought about was to pass out on the driveway, in hopes that when i woke-up the driveway would be shoveled somehow. no that wont work, i already used that one before and it ended with me waking up and having a dog standing over me trying to do his business. Then i thought, i could just drive through all that snow, and maybe the sun would melt it all by the time i got home, no that just plain stupid. I have to tell you while im thinking of ways to get out from shoveling my driveway, i had yet to step foot outside of the garage,lol. In the end as i ran out of ways to avoid not shoveling, i put that smile back on my face and finally cleared that drive way, and remembering how beautiful the area that i live in is, and how lucky i am in being here. Richard. Lebanon,pa

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The Amish Cook: Butchering hogs is long, hard work on a cold day – Food/Wine –

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Chicken Corn Soup. | Lancaster County Recipes | Turkey Hill Dairy

When your in lancaster,pa eating a bowl of this soup should be mandatory.its a Lancaster county tradition. I know of a few restaurants that i think make the best chicken corn soup. where do you get your chicken corn soup?,or do you make it yourself.

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click here to follow story… Regulating Amish taxis. From

As i found myself waking-up this snowy morning,the first thing that came to mind was coffee, and Amish taxis.And no you didn’t read this wrong, i woke-up thinking of a new topic for today. So even though this story is on the older side, i found it to be interesting and still relevent today.I had no idea what the process involved was in being a Amish taxis driver, and that it had any regulations to it other than reporting your income for taxes and having insurance maybe.Has anyone out there ever had a taxis service devoted to driving the Amish?. And if not, would you like to become a driver for them?. Now about that cup of coffee……

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One place that ill miss while i lived in the orlando fla area is driving down to the small Amish community of Pinecraft,florida.

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The senate healthcare bill just signed contains some exemptions to the pay-or-play mandate requiring purchase of obamacare approved health insurance or payment of a penalty fine. as fox news has pointed out, the Amish would be excused from the mandate. now as far as im conserned i dont have a problem with the Amish being excempt from obamacare because they seem to have pretty much everything taken care of by going through thier churches for medical assistance. to force someone to accept a medical plan from the gov is just plain wrong to me, i dont want anyone especially coming from our gov telling me that i have no choice but to take it or else.Is our healthcare in trouble, that answer to me is no, its the way we are paying for health insurance that i feel is broken. I say lets try and make it more competitive in pricing by letting health insurance companys compete over state lines. and lastly try and put a cap on frivolous law suits which is effecting how much a doctor pays for malpratice insurance. malpratice cost for doctors will only help make lawyers richer, and will add to the cost to our medical bills.Thats my 2 cents on this issue, whats your thought on this?.If your not happy about what most people are calling obamacare, what would you do in making health care more affordable to every american? Richard

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Rescipe for Shoo-Fly-Pie…. 3/4 c.brown sugar… 2t.shortening…1c.flour…1c.molasses…1-egg…3/ water. mix well…dissolve 1t.baking soda in 1/4 water…add to other ingredients. pour into unbaked pie shell. bake at 450 degrees for 10 mins, then at 350 degrees for 35 min…..and enjoy

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