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Lesters home, built in the early 1900s.
Lesters dog
One of Lesters buggies
Inside view

Side view of Lesters home
Lester has another Buggy inside this barn

One of Lesters dairy cows
Lesters dog showing me the way out.
The view from Lesters home, priceless.

I had been walking on this scenic country road where both the Amish and old order Mennonites live in harmony with each other in north Lancaster. I arrived around 10:30 am and was ready to take some pictures of this very beautiful area of Lancaster county, so everything was going pretty smooth until around 11 am. Let me go back about 10 minutes in time before 11 am, I was walking by a old order Mennonite home as some activity was taking place around the barn area. A gentleman was getting his horse hitched to his buggy, so I thought great now ill be able to get a few great pictures maybe for the blog. As I lifted my camera to take the first shot my camera went dead, it seems my batteries had gone dead and now I’m out of action. Well lets just say the pictures that I would have taken would have been pretty interesting, but instead of getting mad “I went to buy more batteries”. So I lost about 1 hour but when I arrived back at the same location I became a photo taking machine snapping away at anything that moved, and now I was back in business. So after taking a good amount of pictures and feeling pretty good about myself I started walking back to where my car was parked, along that same country road where I had my batteries run down. While walking along the road I had a quick conversation with a new order Mennonite woman, she was asking me if I had worked for the county because she had seen me taking pictures of homes on this road. After I explained to her what I was trying to do and about my blog, I gave her the web site on a piece of my coffee cup that I had just finished. Since i didn’t have anything else at the moment to write on I had to make do. Now I have business cards that I carry with me that has the blog web site and e-mail address. As we both parted ways I saw a man standing on a wall in front of the same house where my camera had died an hour and a half or so before. He was the old order Mennonite gentleman that I had seen earlier getting his buggy ready to leave his driveway. He asked me if I worked for the county, I had asked him ” do I have a face that says “I’m a county employee” and he smiled. I asked him his name and he told me it was Lester, and that he lived in the house in these pictures. I found him to be a very nice and didn’t seem to mind me asking him questions, which makes my job a heck of a lot easier. The home that you see on the top of this post was built in the early 1900s, not the oldest home by far in this area, but being very special to leister because his dad was born in this home as well as Lester. The wall in the image that Lester was standing on was also built when the home was built, and has been restored in the last year. So Lester lives here with his family and runs a dairy farm, he sells his milk to familiar companies like land o lakes, Swiss and other corporations. Before I left Lester I asked him if I could take pictures of his home (outside) and around his barn area, and he politely said that I could. As I was taking pictures for Amish Stories Lesters dog kept following me wherever I would go, I think Lester has trained his dog well plus he was adorable anyway. I left Lesters driveway walking back to my car thinking “maybe my batteries going dead” was the best thing that could have happened on this morning, and meeting and talking with Lester was all worth it. I plan on visiting Lester again, and I hope to give him copies of this post about him. Im sure he will get a kick out of seeing pictures of his home,now if I could only convince him that I don’t work for the county,lol.Richard from Amish Stories.


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