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Old order Mennonites are for the most part a little over- looked compared to their Amish cousins.So i plan on featuring them on some up coming post of Lancaster county.The 1st image was taken on a road which had a fair amount of old order Mennonites living on it. On the 2nd image is one of a handful of Mennonite buggies that were going by me on that day in north Lancaster. I have some interesting images coming in future post of this area, and also a short story about Lester, an old order Mennonite dairy farmer who was very nice and accessible to me on this day. So ill post a few images of his home and a few of his buggies. Of course its always interesting in seeing Amish one room school houses, and this one was taken close to where the small town I visited in north Lancaster. Always a fan of barns, I think this one in the last image pretty much summed – up how I was feeling on that day. And with so much natural beauty around, how could you not feel happy. And speaking of old order Mennonites, look for Jeans post coming this Tuesday only on Amish Stories. Richard from Amish Stories.

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