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First let me tell everyone that i really enjoyed writing and exploring the Lebanon Pennsylvania country side riding on this 1980 schwinn Varsity. This mint condition Varsity was bought by myself around 10 or 11 years ago from a bike collector. In fact i bought 2 Varsity’s from this Missouri bike collator for a very fair price i thought. The reason why he was selling them is because he had run out of room, and wanted to buy more classic bikes for his collection. I remember him telling me that he had bought literally all the bikes that this Schwinn dealer who was shutting down his store to retire, which included my 2 Schwinn’s. Some of these bikes are not something that you can just throw in the garage on top of each other, with bikes like a classic 1960s or 1970s 5 speed Schwinn Stingray goes for thousands depending on its condition. What makes my 2 Varsity’s unique is that when they arrived at my apartment at the time, they were in the same box that they came in when they were made in the Chicago factory in 1980. You see these Schwinns were never sold or ridden by anyone, these were brand new 1980 bikes with all the Schwinn factory decals on the rims and with the factory coating on the metal to protect it for the Schwinn dealer. My first Schwinn was a new 1974 Varsity that i paid for with some help from my parents, i was living in a New York city projects at that time and was transitioning from being a kid to a young adult. So something like a stingray wouldn’t do as i wanted a bike that i could grow into, and travel at higher speeds through the Bronx streets. Just to travel through memory lane a little, Steve Miller had a huge hit on the radio with “the joker” in the year 1974. Also playing on the radio in 1974 was Ringo Starr’s hit “your sixteen” and Al Wilsonsshow and tell“. The price of gas was 55 cents a gallon, and one of the biggest movies of that year was “the godfather part 2“. And it was the year that some kid from the Bronx whose family was living in very modest means bought his first Schwinn, and the world seemed just a little more accessible and a little  smaller  so many years ago in 1974………..Richard from Amish Stories.                                        Part 2 on Friday

a 1980 Schwinn Varsity in mint


Schwinn made in Chicago, and American made
corn is growing quite nicely here in Lebanon Pennsylvania
perhaps a time tunnel to go back to 1974?
someone seems to be a ham, and its not me

view of a corn field that seemed to go on forever

hard to see, but a very nice looking stone farm house

Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs on this older barn
anyone remember this dairy farm, its from a older winter post that i did. Now in summer, and i did see one cat walking around the farm.
cows were inside as i took this picture
2 American icons, a John Deere and a Schwinn
I was enjoying a rest, and enjoying the view
what can i say, this Schwinn is a show off

I’m now on my way to Patches dairy……….. for part 2 this Friday. 

 Enjoy these classic Schwinn ads from the 1960s and 1950s

Universal studios 1967

The Entertainment Center of the World

Showplace for this years models of Schwinn Bicycles for 1967 is busy, colorful Universal City Studios, one of Southern California’s most popular visitor attractions. During its 51 years of film making, Universal has become the largest motion picture and television complex in the world. Visitors by the thousands throng the studio to see all the behind-the-scenes secrets of movie magic!

1967 ram’s horn” fastback sting-ray®

5-speed Stik-Shift™

All new for 1967, with the swift, clean lines of true sports car styling! 5-speed Stik-Shift™ for sure quick starts and fast cruising speeds. Introducing the unique “Ram’s Horn”™ handlebar. 5-speed derailleur, 37 to 74 gear, Silver Glow bucket saddle, front and rear caliper brakes, chrome plated fenders, Schwinn lightweight Slik rear tire, 20″ x nylon sports touring front tire, Rat Trap pedals, all new

“MAG”™ sprocket. Colors: Coppertone, Sky Blue, Violet, Black.

H37-9 20″ Ram’s Horn Fastback Sting-Ray

Schwinn Varsity for 1967

(left) Real sports bike fun for the value minded cyclist for 1967. Wide range 10 speed derailleur with Twin-Stik gear shift controls get you where the action is. New durable and comfortable racing style saddle, caliper brakes, sports pedals, 27″ x 1 1/4″ Schwinn touring tires. Colors: Campus Green, Coppertone, Sky Blue.

Schwinn Varsity Sport

(middle) All weather sports model with 10-speed gears, ideal for campus or everyday use, makes a fine exercise bike. 10 speed derailleur, 36 to 98 gear. Convientent Twin-Stik gear controls. All specifications the same as 119, 121, 123 models, but with fenders. Colors: Coppertone, Sky Blue, Violet.

Schwinn Collegiate Sport

(right) The thrill of 5-speed gears at an easy budget price. 43 to 85 gear, single Stik-Shift control. Drop bars, racing saddle, sports pedals, Schwinn 26″ x 1 3/8″ sports touring tires. Colors: Campus Green, Coppertone, Sky Blue.

From the 1950s

Images of the Schwinn factory in Chicago in 1964

classic  Schwinn Images provided by

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