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How could you not buy anything at this Amish food stand

 Amish made Jams and jellies abound
I prefer the kosher dill varieties
some canned items, whats not to love
Homemade Ketchup on the far right side.
Amish made whoopie- pies ,  and world famous as well
This Amish girl mode of transportation who was running the stand
Homemade potato’s and noodles

Amish home that’s next to this food stand, notice the small dog getting ready for his attack,lol.

View from the stand

the road that me and my family had walked so long ago

I think i may have met a dog version of “Monty” the rooster!

Maybe its a weakness of mine but i cant help stopping in as many Amish food stands that i see on the side of the road, and this one seen in this post is located in Ronks Pennsylvania which is in Lancaster county. Across the road  from this stand is a motel that me and my family had first stayed at around the early summer of  1969, its changed hands 3 times so sadly i wont even mention it because its not the same place that i remember. I fondly remember walking up and down this road among the many we as a family traveled by foot, and since my mother is no longer with us this area holds a certain feeling that i really can not describe. Only those who have lost a mother can really understand, so while i still enjoy driving to these places of my past its just not the same.Certain locations in Lancaster county for me really stir-up a lot of feelings, mostly wonderful but with some sadness as well because we are not all together as a family anymore.  I don’t normally share anything really personal in most of my posts, but this location is one of a few that  just seems to bring all of that out i guess. So i was happy to see that these Amish folks had set-up a food stand here  so i made a right turn to give it a look, and as you can see they went big with lots of varieties and choices. I wanted to buy something so the first thing that i always go for is the jams, then my attention turns to the breads and canned items. I ended up buying some ears of corn shown in one of the images along of course with a few jams and a bottle of pickles. Some of these stands that I’ve gone to  have their signature item’s that they are known for, so some make bread’s really good and maybe not so great jam or jellies. So when i go to one of these Amish stands I’m learning from my previous purchases what not to buy, and where i should spend some of my money on what they make the best. One thing is certain and that is i may not know which stand ill be stopping at, but i always have my camera to capture these moments at places like this which are a part of my past. while some look at this as just another food stand, for me its part of a childhood . Richard from Amish Stories.
 I will be taking a break from blogging for a week or so, but will be back at Amish Stories on Sept 13 with a special 911 post from Jean describing how she felt during that event. I asked Jean for this post because i wanted to read how someone from the old order faith saw this, and how it effected her life in any way. I know exactly where i was and what i was doing at the moment when  i first found out we were being attacked on American soil, and the feeling of disbelief that i remember feeling. On Sunday Sept 11 i will be reflecting about that day 10 years ago, and i will never forget what happened as long as i shall live………

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