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Chow Chow
(for canning)

Cook each fresh vegetable separately in a saucepan, covering with water and boiling only enough to make the vegetables tender, not mushy. Do not cook the canned or frozen vegetables. Place in layers in a large pan in whatever order you prefer. Gently mix with your hands, or a very large pierced spoon, being careful not to break the vegetables, or it may become mushy. Pour off all liquid before spooning vegetables into sterilized jars, filling within 1″ of the neck. Pour in Syrup to fill jars to neck.


combine all ingredients in a large kettle and bring to a boil, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. ladle the syrup over the vegetables. Seal jars with lids and covers and process in the canner for 12 minutes, timing from the moment the water comes to a full boil.

Makes 6 quarts or 12 pints

2 c. canned Great Northern Beans, drained

2 c. canned Red Kidney Beans, drained
2 c. fresh or frozen lima beans
2 c. fresh or frozen green beans cut into 1″ pieces
2 c. fresh or frozen yellow wax beans cut into 1″ pieces
2 c. fresh or frozen cauliflower buds

2 c. coarsely chopped celery

2 c. coarsely chopped red bell peppers

2 c. coarsely chopped green bell peppers

2 c. sliced carrots

2 c. fresh or frozen corn kernels

2 c. tiny white onions, or chopped yellow onions

2 c. coarsely chopped cabbage

2 c. sliced or chopped sweet pickles
5 c. sugar

2½ c. cider vinegar

1½ c. water

2 T. mustard seed

1 T. celery seed

1 t. turmeric

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