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With the news of Pennsylvania’s proposed budget cuts in tourism by governor Tom Corbett, i found myself thinking about the time i started going to Lancaster in the late 1960s as a small child. And like most states Pennsylvania is not unique in having revenue issues, so tough choices will be made with most not being particularly popular with state residents. This promotion video was made in the 1960s, and brings back some memories for me, for what i remember anyway since i was so young. The motel with the red trim and small hex signs is the best western of intercourse,pa.That motel (clip 15:10 in the video), is the first place that my family stayed on our very first trip to Lancaster in 1967. Its also on the same street that the movie “Witness” was filmed, the part of the movie where Harrison ford gets a little ice cream on his nose by those trouble makers. And for me, i got a kick from seeing a few places on this video because I’ve posted a few pictures of them in the present time. I’ve seen very early advertisements of Lancaster from as early as the 1940s , so tourism was emerging way before the movie “Witness”. So enjoy the trip back to the 1960s, and share your memories of your early trips to Lancaster,Pa. Richard from Amish stories.(image credits Fixed gear ,Donald Harris, Kintair all from flickrs))

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