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Peach Jam

  Cook 20 minutes and add 6 oz. orange jello. Put in jars and seal or cold pack a few minutes 6 C. peaches, finely mashed or chopped
6 C. white sugar
2 C. crushed pineapple
From mouth-watering Amish-style main dishes to kitchen dream desserts, this on has it all. Over 600 from-scratch recipes that please the appetite and are easy on the food budget.  You’ll get a whole section on canning and food preparation. The Amish, long known for their originality in the kitchen, share their favorites with you. This 275 page spiral bound cookbook has over 600 recipes .Cooking with the Horse & Buggy People. To order both books please go to
Iced Tea

   Put this in a 13 qt mixing bowl. Pour 4 quarts boiling water on top. Let set till water is dark. Remove tea bags. immediately pour ice in! 3 oranges, sliced
3 lemons, sliced
4 cups white sugar
22 red rose tea bags

Here’s an intimate visit to the Amish home and food of 17-year-old Miriam Miller. Miriam’s mom, grandma and aunts open their recipe boxes here. In addition to sharing her families favorite authentic time-tested recipes, Miriam shares childhood memories, stories, and personal details of her life as a young Amish girl. Take a walk through Miriam’s life with art and stories about her home, and everyday activities. 194 pages. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2″ spiral bound. Laminated cover. double indexed.

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