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Amish farm on the left side.

painted horse shoe’s for sale in front of a Amish home

a great looking barn next to this Amish home.
Notice Amish straw hat in garden!
(From  Lancaster on 2 wheels)     Now for part 2 of my story. After leaving the Amish food stand and feeling defeated, i decided to return with more muscle and that would be talking my car over to buy those things that i couldn’t seem to make fit on the scooter. But while going back to return the scooter i was enjoying the beautiful country side that so many visitors here and abroad talk about for years after taking  their trip to the Lancaster area. I never get tired of this even if i live here, so I’m grateful for every min that i spend being in a place that I’ve loved so much for so long. If you want to see Lancaster and feel like your more apart of the sight- seeing experience then i would strongly recommend taking a scooter for a ride, its fairly quite and really fun. I did end up taking my car over to that Amish food stand to pick up more of what i wanted the first time, and more importantly i was shown how to pop the seat by the folks at Country Road Cycles. All you have to do is just turn the key and up goes the seat, boy did a feel like a fool, and that Amish fellow was right because he pointed to the seat in the beginning. And those little Amish girls were also correct and i can still hear them saying “you can get more stuff on that scooter”.  So Ive just created a new motto for this post  ” maybe its better in trying to look good riding than to know how to store more “stuff” on your scooter, or the next time just listen to 3 small amish girls when they give advice !…………..Richard

Country Road Cycles- Scooter and Motorcycle Rental : 220 N. Ronks Road, Bird in Hand, PA 17505

(717) 598-3191

Monty in better days
Remembering  Monty the rooster : If you remember on my first Lancaster on 2 wheels post this past spring, i had made a comment about this rooster attacking me while still on a scooter. Maybe it was because i was eating a chicken sandwich at the time i will never know, now wait folks Monty is alive and  well so nothing bad has happened to him!.  I was told  Monty was harassing some visitors in  this location, so because of that  he was sent packing to a Lancaster farm where I’m told he’s enjoying time with his new friends. Will i be visiting little Monty well  the answer to that  would be “no” because  I want to remember him the way i found him, jumping on innocent people and trying to rip the smile off your face with his little rooster claws. Good bye old friend and don’t forget to write, or in your case……. bite.        Richard from Amish Stories.


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