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Tourist and some Amish enjoy a little time together.

This rooster kept trying to jump on the scooter that I was on, maybe its because I told him that I’m opening a chain of rooster burger joints in Lancaster.

All of the images except the very last picture were taken while riding a scooter, hence the title of this post “Lancaster on a scooter”. Renting this scooter was a last minute decision, and other than having a close call with that killer rooster I really enjoyed my time on two wheels. Lancaster is really custom made for scooters because it allows you to become more a part of your environment, and your able to see what you might have missed riding in a car. These scooters can go up to 35-38 miles an hour, and I noticed while I was riding down hill that I hit 42 mph. A 2 hour ride will set you back about $40.00 for 2 hours, but you should be able to take a 1 hour ride if you ask for about $25.00. The day of my rental was on a Sunday so the roads were fairly clear of cars, if this were any other day like (mon-sat) , my riding enjoyment might have been curtailed quite a bit because of all the tourist that would be on the road. So here’s my advice, if your ever down in the Lancaster area then you owe it to yourself to see the Amish farmlands on a scooter. Not only will you see more of what you would miss being in a car, its just plain fun riding on a scooter passing Amish buggies and having them wave at you. Will I be renting one of these scooters again, the answer would be a very enthusiastic yes. So if you should ever see some guy riding around a scooter with a camera some Sunday in Lancaster with a rooster chasing from behind, that most likely will be me. Richard from Amish stories.

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